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Keeping Time

So, I like to check Gizmodo pretty often to see all the neat technology news. If you are interested in things about technology, this is a great site. I thought this was interesting: In case you aren’t familiar with Galileo, he was a physicist and an astronomer. He was kind of a controversial fellow, […]

Random Fact

Wow, this took all of five minutes to become an obsession. In my defense, people need to know the important fact I am about to tell you. Did you know that today is National Curmudgeon Day? Did you? I didn’t think so. So, if there was ever an excuse to be grumpy, this is it. […]


You know, it is really hard to decide what to say in your first post. I mean, this pretty much sets the tone for your entire blog, right? So you stare at the screen for a really long time and you over think every little word that you are going to put in your blog. […]