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Keeping Time

So, I like to check Gizmodo pretty often to see all the neat technology news. If you are interested in things about technology, this is a great site. I thought this was interesting:


In case you aren’t familiar with Galileo, he was a physicist and an astronomer. He was kind of a controversial fellow, but really, the only thing that is important relating to this article is he was one of the first people to really study the pendulum at length pertaining to it keeping time. I kind of just thought these were neat, and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want one, but this article did make me think. I am always amused by devices that use modern technology, but have some kind of adaptation that make it look like a “retro” form of what it once was. I think I was somewhere a few weeks ago, and I saw a phone that looked like the old rotary phone, that you plugged your cell phone in to use. There was a part of me that wanted one! Then I thought, what is the point of spending all of this money to use a cell phone, if I am going to use it as if it was a land line? I think it is funny how we advance into the newer technologies, but I for one, do sometimes miss some of the things we used when we were younger. I love my iPod, but whatever happened to the days when I would listen to *NSYNC  (insert cool band name here) on the bus with my portable CD player? I enjoy our gaming console now, but when we went to a gaming expo a few years ago, I couldn’t wait to play the old school Nintendo! This article isn’t necessarily related to that, because I obviously wasn’t around when Galileo made his contributions, but I do love adaptation to make technology reflect those of the past. After all, we probably wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for our past “out of date” technologies.

*Galileo information pulled from Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, accessed from the databases at http://www.hcpl.net

*This post was proofread by a life long friend and future librarian 🙂

Does anybody else have Queen music in their head now?


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