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Wednesday TBR Woes

We all have them. Piles upon piles of books to read. I am sure we all even have a to be watched pile, though it is a lot easier to multitask with watching movie/shows then it is to read. Sure, we can bust out an audio book and listen to it while we are cooking, […]

Top Ten Tuesday

Oh no! I forgot to do my Top Ten Tuesday! Yikes! Top ten authors I would get insanely excited about, put on hold, and probably not get around to reading until years later.  I tend to get more excited about continuation of series and that type of thing rather than the authors themselves. I am […]

Sunday Post

This past week I: Failed to do anything with my blog most of the week! YAY! No, but really: * Only did two posts…but they were magnificent! * I did a review on the book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. * I did a top ten list of my favorite book characters. * […]

Favorite Top Ten Characters From Classics Books

Top ten book characters from any genre *Classics I have so many favorite characters, so this was difficult! 1. Watson – Sherlock Holmes books 2. Smeagol- Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien 3. Legolas- Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (of course, this could be inspired by his awesome archery skills in the […]

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Everyone seems to have Abe Lincolnitus and I am jumping aboard the train! I know what’s your thinking. This was a fictional tale completely twisting the actual life of Abraham Lincoln. However, I figure it’s just good manners to choose something somewhat presidential for this day.  Besides, this book was awesome! I know. The entire […]

I Love You, Man.

I don’t know, I almost enjoy a good bromance in a book, tv show, or movie more than a romance. They are just so cute. There is nothing cuter than two guys who are best friends, and are kind of ashamed of the fact that they would rather stay up playing video games or watching […]

Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Romances

Romantic books aren’t really my thing, but sometimes there are couples that I just really enjoy. Even though I don’t read many stereotypical romantic books, I really love characters and relationships that I can relate to. If the romance is too mushy or unbelievable I am instantly turned off by a book. However, I love […]