Doctor Sleep

So, I was informed yesterday that Stephen King is writing a sequel to his terrifying classic, The Shining. I will have to admit, while I used to read anything scary that I could get my hands on, nowadays I tend to get scared way too easily. However, I will have to read the sequel to The Shining! It’s about Danny,  who is now all grown up, and I am sure as creepy as ever. I am sure that I will probably have to sleep with my lights


on for days to follow, and I will probably have to hide the book in the freezer, but it will be totally worth it. (Friends reference. Anyone? Anyone?)


*Joey from Friends hid The Shining in the freezer because it scared him.

*It isn’t as funny if I have to explain it to you.


2 comments on “Doctor Sleep

  1. First of all, I love that episode of Friends.

    Second of all: if you have an e-reader, download Stephen King and Joe Hill’s short story “In The Tall Grass.” The story is awesomely terrifying, but that’s not why you should download it. You should download it because there’s a preview of Dr. Sleep at the end of it 🙂

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