I Love You, Man.

I don’t know, I almost enjoy a good bromance in a book, tv show, or movie more than a romance. They are just so cute. There is nothing cuter than two guys who are best friends, and are kind of ashamed of the fact that they would rather stay up playing video games or watching Star Wars than do anything else. They really love having some awesome man time.

Top Bromances

1. Legolas and Gimley- Lord of the Rings
2. Marshall and Ted- How I Met Your Mother
3. Dwight and Jim- The Office
4. Ron and Harry- Harry Potter Series
5. George and Fred Weasley- Harry Potter Series
6. Sherlock Holmes and Watson- Various Sherlock Holmes adaptations (I think I am especially fond of the RDJ and Jude Law bromance, though)
7. Hurley and Charlie- LOST- They were such good friends Charlie even had to visit him from the grave…or was it the grave…maybe Hurley was just having hallucinations. Oops! Spoiler!
8. Han Solo and Chewbacca
9. Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi – Let’s pretend that whole Anakin trying to kill Obi Wan thing didn’t happen.
10.He-Man and Cringer

To be continued…


3 comments on “I Love You, Man.

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