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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Everyone seems to have Abe Lincolnitus and I am jumping aboard the train!

I know what’s your thinking. This was a fictional tale completely twisting the actual life of Abraham Lincoln. However, I figure it’s just good manners to choose something somewhat presidential for this day.  Besides, this book was awesome!

I know. The entire premise seems hokey and cheesy. We don’t need any more vampire books, you’re thinking.  Well, I disagree.  I would rather read this then some cheesy romance novel involving vampires … even though I did read that one, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t hate it. (Notice I didn’t say I liked it, so you can’t make fun of me.)

However, I was really impressed with this book, because it takes a factual person and situation, and links it to the entire vampire world in a way that was incredibly believable. I felt that this book read like a biographical tale, and fit the pieces about the vampire universe right in. I have always admired books, tv, and movies that can take something that happened, and link it to a fictional universe in a way that is entirely believable.  Some may disagree, but at the end of the book, I totally believed that Abe was an axe swinging vampire killer!  I live in the real world, and I can tell reality and fiction apart (I think….) but by the end of the book I was entirely convinced it really happened!  I think that is a testament to Seth Graham – Smith’s writing.

Let’s face it, I could have chosen a quote from an actual president for President’s Day. However, I decided to have some fun with it and choose something from a ridiculous fictional world that is simply presidential themed. In all seriousness, we should take some time out today to recognize and appreciate various presidents that have paved the way to make this country a better place.

Highlight of the book: Abe meeting Edgar Allen Poe. I can’t believe this was left out of the movie! Why? Also, reading about his childhood in the book really added to the character development. I was sad that was left out of the movie too. However, the awesome train fight scene kind of made up for all that….

“Without death,’ he answered, ‘life is meaningless. It is a story that can never be told. A song that can never be sung. For how would one finish it?”
Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

*Quotes pulled from http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/6596168-abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter


One comment on “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

  1. Abe is one of my favorite presidents and I read this before the movie, I too really enjoyed it and loved the clever twists on actual events and the journal entries. Awesome review!

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