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Top Ten Tuesday

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Oh no! I forgot to do my Top Ten Tuesday! Yikes!

Top ten authors I would get insanely excited about, put on hold, and probably not get around to reading until years later.  I tend to get more excited about continuation of series and that type of thing rather than the authors themselves. I am pretty sure that I would keel over if another Harry Potter related book came out one day. I would drop everything to read that.

1. JK Rowling

2. Stephen King

3. John Green

4. Orson Scott Card

5. JRR Tolkien (Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Would you not go out of your way to read something by him if he crawled out of the grave and wrote something ? I would commit to that.)

6. CS Lewis (See aforementioned author)

7. Tina Fey

8. Nicholas Sparks  

9. Meg Cabot

10. Ray Bradbury (Oh, Bradbury, you were so close to not having to crawl out of the grave to make me happy. So sad! )

* I am sure that there are probably many authors that are missing from this list that I would literally drop everything to read, but there is just so much pressure when you have to pretend like it’s still Tuesday!


One comment on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love all of these authors and Yes I would scoop up their books sight unseen.. except one, I have never read a John Green book *gasps* I know seriously..what is wrong with me?!?

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