Literary Easter Eggs – Stephen King Edition

*Easter Eggs- An intentional hidden message or inside joke

I love watching shows or movies, and seeing little Easter Eggs that refer to any of my nerdy fandoms. However, I get especially excited when they refer to literature. One of the reasons I loved Lost, was it was chock full of Easter Eggs throughout the whole series, from book references to Star Wars references. Needless to say, I get overly excited when something gets mentioned that I love, and I have to call attention it. When I Started looking into all the literary references, I realized that there was enough Stephen King references alone to do a blog post on! So, here are some of my favorites!

* Remember when Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus supposedly landed in his hot air balloon on the island? Somewhere on the balloon it said it was sponsored by the brand Nozz-a-La, which is a brand from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Some of the characters/plot lines are similar to that of some of the plots in the Dark Tower series.

* There are several references to Stephen King’s Carrie. At the book club when we are first introduced to Juliet, the group is reading Carrie. This book is seen in a couple other episodes as well.

* The creator of the show has said that his short story Langoliers influenced some of the ideas for the island, which can be seen in the fact that both are based on a group of people lost in a different dimension type area. I never even realized that before, but that is actually one of my favorite King books! If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a good one. Not too creepy.

* When the character Michael is bouncing a ball against the wall in one of the episodes, someone makes a reference to King’s character Jack, who went crazy while involving himself in some of the same activities.

* In the episode “Maternity Leave” Linus asks if he has any King books when he is handed a book.

* There are several references to King in the Episode “A Tale of Two Cities”. There is a copy of Hearts of Atlantis sitting on Jack’s bookshelf.

*In the episode “Through the Looking Glass”, there were several references to characters in some of King’s books. When Jack is reading the newspaper, several of the readable words are references to King’s Dark Tower series.

There were actually many more references throughout the series. What I also find interesting is Stephen King is also a big fan of Lost himself, and has made references to Lost in many of his books. Mutual nerdoms are always fun!

* Did you notice that many of the episode names were also literary references? Throughout the show much of the themes, titles, and characters are pulled from different classic and modern books.

*Definition pulled from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_(media),

Want to see more Lost references? Check out http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Stephen_King and http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Literary_references

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Jorie’s Reads


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