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Iron Man 3

Even though this blog has taken an eerie turn into being almost completely about literature, I actually wanted it to cover a lot of my interests, without a whole lot of boundaries. Of course, a lot of my interests involve literature, but more than that a lot of my interests involve stories. That is why I enjoy books, but that is also why I enjoy a good movie, a good television show, or a good video game. I love being able to participate and enjoy a story any way I can.

The route that graphic novels have taken in recent years shows what I love about good storytelling. Graphic novels allow you to fall in love with a character, and experience them over and over through various stories. Though movies have been made based on these comics/graphic novels for years and years, I feel like in the past ten years we have had some really good quality movies based on these characters. I feel as though film makers have made these super heroes not only iconic, but have been able to translate them into relatable humans/aliens with multiple dimensions.

One of my favorites has been Iron Man, and I love that it jump started all of these related super hero movies. Ok, so admittedly, I have not read many Iron Man graphic novels, so I don’t know all the ends and outs about the characters. I know there are probably people out there who have read them all, and may feel that there were too many artistic changes made to the movies or the character or whatever, though I haven’t heard a lot of complaints.

So, that long winded intro brings me into the fact that my husband and I actually waited in line for the midnight showing of Iron Man 3 the other day. It was surprisingly cold, but well worth it. I loved the humor, the action, and the side characters that were added that were able to show some different dimensions to Stark’s character. I always love Guy Pearce as a villain, and he didn’t disappoint me in this one either (oh, Fernand Mondego, you!). (If you know what that name is a reference too, you win a cookie!) (Just kidding, you just get a slice of literary pride!)

However, all of us nerds that made the effort to go this movie were disappointed when they shut off the movie during the credits. I know there must have been a scene at the end! I know!

I guess we will just have to go see it again….


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