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Get Cookin’

*Image from goodreads.com

I heard a Podcast featuring Good Eat’s Alton Brown the other day, and became determined that I just had to read his cookbook right away. Actually, he has several cookbooks. The one that I just read is Good Eats: The Early Years. We had the Food Network for two seconds when we first got married, and I loved watching this guys show. He doesn’t just cook in front of you, or introduce you to new foods, he goes into the science of why some things work and some things don’t in the kitchen. His cookbooks do the same, not only giving a recipe, but fun facts and science behind why some recipes work. By learning some of these techniques, you don’t just memorize a recipe, you learn ways to cook that can be adapted into other recipes.

Some of my favorites are his description of how to cook and treat pasta. My mind is literally blown. Never again will I treat pasta as a simple boat for my sauce. He also does quite a bit with eggs. He even gives a diagram on the anatomy of an egg. I literally feel a few steps closer to being a culinary genius (pshhh) after I read this book, and I tried some of his techniques, and I was extremely pleased. We also know that cooking is a science, but really wrapping my mind around that is kind of mind blowing. I was also surprised to learn that frying the correct way actually doesn’t add that much fat. Definitely a good informative read,that you can then use in your own home. I love useful reads!

It doesn’t hurt that he is a fan of Doctor Who, either. 😉


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