Literary Baby Names : HP Edition

So, the reason I have not been updating as much as usually is because I am expecting a little bundle of joy, who I hope is as big a nerd as I am. I have been thinking quite a bit about all the awesome names in books, and thought I would post some that were interesting. There are obviously too many to mention in one post, so I thought I would break it down. Of course, the first edition will be names from Harry Potter, because it is awesome. 

I really love the this book series, as most of my friends know. In fact, I probably love it too much for a 30 year old woman. However, I feel like it is full of a lot of strong characters that grow into adults, and it has a lot of really great role models as well. I thought I would compose a list of possible baby names from this series. In reality, most of the names are either too old fashioned, or too obvious/ridiculous to name a baby… to be honest, I don’t care! An HP name would be AWESOME!
Harry (A bit old fashioned, but you can’t leave him out because he is kind of the hero)
Lavender ( I hated the character, but the name is pretty.) 
Draco (OK, so this character was a serious pain most of the time, but you can’t deny the innate coolness of the name. Besides, I have heard it means dragon!) 
If we have ginger twins I think we would have to name them Fred and George…it would be a crime not to! 
Any other suggestions? 

4 comments on “Literary Baby Names : HP Edition

  1. Draco… definitely go for draco 🙂

  2. Dad suggested Harry Neville. Hopefully he’ll have an inny….

  3. I’m for Lily. Subtly Harry Potter 🙂 Good luck.

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