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Pregnancy Brain

Hey, so I haven’t had a lot of motivation to write, so I thought I would jot down some fun things that I have done, tried to do, forgotten, etc. now that I am pregnant. Pregnancy brain is actually a real thing, apparently.

* Almost put soap on my toothbrush. Hey, it would make them clean, right?

* Walked around work for two hours with my shirt inside out.

* Forgot how to use a machine at work that I literally use every day.

* Forgot how to print something in landscape. Still trying to figure this one out. I have only known how to do this since I was 12…..

* Walked around the store for an hour looking for Parmesan Cheese. I never found it. Can you not put it with the normal cheeses for goodness sake?

*Left my purse at Starbucks for about 20 minutes before I realized that something just wasn’t right….

Though not directly related to my brain, I did eat an entire jar of pickled corn the other day.


One comment on “Pregnancy Brain

  1. Girl that is so true. My baby is now 19, but some thing I still remember. The brain cells do come back

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