May the 6th be with you!

Ok, so I kind of missed my Star Wars post on Star Wars day. However, I just read the date out loud and it sounds like May the Sith…. So it still works…. and I had an inadvertent clever moment which always makes me happy!

We did watch A New Hope on Sunday, and it is still pretty awesome. Especially since it always seems like I don’t remember any if the movie! The best part, was after watching it so many times, we discovered that a storm trooper totally bonks his head on the door during the scene where the garbage compacter is going to squish Luke into Jedi goo. Seriously, go watch the scene. Rewind, laugh, repeat……rewind , laugh, repeat.


2 comments on “May the 6th be with you!

  1. We watched some Star Wars too! I’ve seen the storm trooper thing too, it use to be a great meme, but it kind of died out. I’ve always heard May 5th was May the Sith, but I guess the 6th works too, LOL

    • Lol I am always last to know these things. Michael was like….. did he just hit his head? I can’t believe he had never noticed, he’s probably seen it a million times!

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