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Jedi Academy

TLA releases a Maverick list, which lists some of the what they feel are the best graphic novels released this year. I have been trying to read through some of these, because as a new mommy graphic novels are perfect because they are quick to read but many still withhold a great story. One that […]

Literary Baby Names : HP Edition

So, the reason I have not been updating as much as usually is because I am expecting a little bundle of joy, who I hope is as big a nerd as I am. I have been thinking quite a bit about all the awesome names in books, and thought I would post some that were […]

This Book Tastes Delicious!

Apparently it is National Ice Cream Month. It is a very delicious month indeed. Someone posted this amazing article about ice cream that is inspired by literature. Unfortunately, these aren’t real! Why hasn’t someone made a Berry Potter ice cream? WHY? I mean, honestly, the whole jelly bean/chocolate frog flavor does not sound appetizing at […]

Literary Easter Eggs – Stephen King Edition

*Easter Eggs- An intentional hidden message or inside joke I love watching shows or movies, and seeing little Easter Eggs that refer to any of my nerdy fandoms. However, I get especially excited when they refer to literature. One of the reasons I loved Lost, was it was chock full of Easter Eggs throughout the […]

Grammar Slammer

Affect VS. Effect  This blog post just kind of came to me randomly, and isn’t at all what I expected my next post to be, especially with my planned birthday theme. However, this is something that constantly perplexes me, as I am sure it perplexes many others. As soon as I get a clear picture […]